Hey Track-Maniak,

Always wondered why the other Racer is always Faster?

Then these Tips Might Be Very Usefull to ya...

A Word from the "Roo_Master" :


Always wanted to drive like a pro?


Here are some pro-tips to help you get the best times in TMT! These tips are mainly for the Canyon environment.



#1 Always go full speed. Most tracks are designed to go full speed. Keep the gas down always, also in the air


#2 Do not break unless it is absolutely necessary


#3 Always drive the absolute shortest possible route, especially in the corners


#4 Don't hit anything. When you hit something, hit restart. Try again.


#5 Use all of the speeders on the track. When there are multiple speeders after each other, try to hit them all


#6 Drift as little as possible. While drifting is a cool way to go, your speed drops. Stop the drift as soon as possible.


#7 Try to use natural ways to start a drift instead of hitting the brake. Use a drop, grass, or whatever.


#8 Shortcuts are allowed. Some tracks have secret shortcuts, use them when you can! Find them by spectating players with "impossible" times


#9 Use the startup wiggle to make a slightly faster start. More info here https://www.reddit.com/r/TrackMania/comments/4ghr45/canyon_start_trick/


#10 Watch and learn. Watch how the top drivers do it, simply hold [Tab] and click the name of the driver to Spectate.


Tips and Tricks for TMT on YouTube (by OnkelBarlow)

  It's in German and has English subs!



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