Using Manialink Elements in Mediatracker

It's possible to use custom sounds, pics and vids in your maps!


How to:

There's some good documentation about this on

https://doc.maniaplanet.com/manialink/getting-started &



1. Upload your media-file(s) to a server

2. Open trackbuilder's mediatracker

 (2a.if ingame place your collider)

3. Add interface (by clicking on the little "+" ,  and click on "Interface")

4. Add your code (don't have to add <?xml> or <manialink>)


Supported audio formats: .ogg ,  .mux

Supported image format: .jpg

Supported video format: .webm

* other file-formats may be supported as well, but these are the ones I tested! Please read the docs on this...


There are some good online options to convert your media-files, just google "online converter {+ mediatype(s)}"



Example Code (copy/paste)


<frame posn="0 -14 1">

  <quad posn="0 70"  halign="center" sizen="200 120"  image="https://bandit08.site/InGame/BanditCup.jpg" />

  <label posn="90 -40 1"  halign="right" text="$ihttps://www.bandit08.site"/>



<audio posn="200 200 0" data="https://bandit08.site/InGame/001.mux"  play="1" looping="1" />


Using MapEdit.exe

Changing car in existing map


When you already started building a map, it's still possible to change your default car to the car of another enviroment.

With MapEdit.exe this will only work on Trackmania Turbo if your map hasn't ever been validated !!!


How to:

This is already explained on the downloads-page, but here's a short description with image:

When MapEdit.exe is opened and your map is loaded, goto Map / Vehicle override / {vehicle of choice}, save your map.

Changing location of a block


Changing block positions in MapEdit is pretty straight forward. Your 0-0-0 position is when opening map on your lowest-left corner of the screen in trackbuilder. XYZ directions in this case are as shown in the image(left).


The size of a (standard) Trackmania Turbo Map is 48x48x48. Placing blocks outside of this range usually results in corrupted map to trackbuilder.

Changing the Appearance of a Block



Always a good Idea to backup your map before editing !!!

Treat your blocks individually when doing this, so you know where the error is if your map gets corrupted.

Do not use the "Clone selected block" or "Remove selected block" for Trackmania Turbo maps.


Each different block in trackbuilder has of course it's own unique name. If you'd like to change blocks in MapEdit, just change it's "Block name" and "Flags" value. If you don't know the exact name or flags of the block you want to change to, just open map in trackbuilder, place the block you want to change to, save and exit builder.

You're last added block in builder will always be on bottom of the list in MapEdit.exe.


If you're block isn't mixed in properly, try and turn off "Ground variant" in MapEdit. You'll see this also changes the "Flags" value.


Blocks have another Flags-value when they're on another surface. For example the concrete block in the Lagoon-envy looks diffrent in water than it does on land.

As you can see the block on the left has Flags-value 0x00001000 and is the on land surface. The block right has Flags-value 0x00401000 and is the water-variant.


The Flags-values for these blocks in water are mostly 0x00201000, 0x00301000, 0x00401000



As openplanet.nl has provided us with some great features for block- and enviroment-mixing, MapEdit can still be a great tool to modify your maps in some cases.



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